About the Czech Republic

Czech Republic (Česká Republika)


78,864 square kilometres

Neighbouring countries
Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia


The Country
The Czech Republic has been a crossroad of European cultures for over a thousand years.

The pulsating capital Prague attracts the greatest number of visitors every year. However, Prague is not the only jewel that the Czech Republic has to offer. There are many Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque gems dotted all over the lands. The country has 12 sites which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

The Czech Republic has a history of formidable figures – the composers Bedřich Smetana and Antonín Dvořák; the writers Franz Kafka, Jaroslav Seifert (winner of the Nobel prize for Literature in 1984), Karel Čapek and Milan Kundera; the world famous director Miloš Forman; a host of celebrated scientists – Jan Jánsky, the first person to categorise blood into four types (A, B, AB, O) in 1906 and Jaroslav Heyrovský who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry and for discovering and developing polarography and Otto Wichterle, the founder of macromolecular chemistry. Last but definitely not least it is the home of Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser Budvar (and there are more than 300 breweries across the country).

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About the Czech Republic

UNESCO Sights in the Czech Republic

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