The Czech Republic, situated at the very heart of Europe, offers a selection of exquisite golf courses. Take for example the Karlštejn course, where you will never forget the backdrop of the majestic castle and its grounds, home to a dynasty of medieval Czech kings. Czech Republic now has over 80 golf courses of which the oldest were created over 100 years ago in the West Bohemian Spa Triangle – Karlovy Vary in 1904 and Mariánské Lázně in 1905. After huge political changes in the country in 1989 and the arrival of foreign investors, there were major developments in golf course building which continue to this day, with many new courses and facilities still under construction.

Golf Courses in the Czech Republic
Golf courses in the Czech Republic are generally of a very high standard. A number of the courses have been designed by top foreign architects and golf players, for example Gary Player (Cihelny), Miguel A.Jiménez (Čeladná), Les Furber and Jim Eremko (Karlštejn) and John Burn (Konopiště).

Golf courses across the country

Black Bridge (18 holes), Zbraslav (18 holes), Hodkovičky (9 holes), Motol (9 holes), Hostivař (9 holes)

Central Region
Albatross (18 holes), Benátky (18 holes), Beroun (18 holes), Beřovice (18 holes), Botanika (9 holes), Karlštejn (27 holes), Konopiště (36 holes), Líšnice (9 holes), Mladá Boleslav (18 holes), Molitorov (18 holes), Mstětice (18 holes), Podbořánky (18 holes), Poděbrady (18 holes), Slapy (18 holes), Stará Boleslav (9 holes), Štiřín (9 holes)

Karlovy Vary Region
Cihelny (18 holes), Františkovy Lázně-Hazlov (18 holes), Karlovy Vary (18 holes), Kynžvart (18 holes), Mariánské Lázně (18 holes), Sokolov (18 holes), Teplá (9 holes)

Plzeň Region
Alfrédov (18 holes), Darovanský Dvůr (27 holes), Dýšina (18 holes), Podbořánky (9 holes)

Ústí nad Labem Region
Kotlina Terezin (9 holes), Terasy Ústi nad Labem (18 holes)

Liberec Region
Ještěd (9 holes), Harrachov (9 holes), Liberec (18 holes), Malevil (18 holes), Ypsilon (18 holes)

Hradec Králové Region
Mladé Buky (18 holes), Myštěves (18 holes), Nová Amerika (27 holes)

South Bohemia Region
Bechyně (9 holes), Čertovo Břemeno (18 holes), Český Krumlov (18 holes), Hluboká (18 holes), Mnich (18 holes), Nová Bystřice (9 holes), Písek-Kestřeny (18 holes)

Vysočina Region
Svratka (9 holes), Telč (18 holes)

Pardubice Region
Kunětická hora (18 holes), Lázně Bohdaneč (9 holes), Svobodné Hamry (9 holes), Ústi nad Orlicí (9 holes)

South Moravia Region
Aussterlitz (18 holes), Kaskada Brno (27 holes), Kořenec (18 holes)

Olomouc Region
Olomouc (18 holes)

Moravskoslezsky Region
Čeladna (36 holes), Kravaře (18 holes), Ostravice (18 holes), Ropice (18 holes), Šilhéřovice (18 holes)

Zlin Region
Jezera (9 holes), Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (9 holes)

And many others......

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