Team building

AR Tour Prague



2016 International Conference on Quantum Fluids and Solids250 pax
2016Aspect Enterprise Solution  55 pax
2015Andre Rieu  80 pax
2015Canadian University Dubai  50 pax
2014European Baseball Association220 pax
2013Grafton350 pax
2012Spotlight Singapore110 pax 
2012Hyundai Italy 180 pax
2011Czech Baseball Association 80 pax
2011Andreas Jonsson Racing 20 pax
2010Season Opening Tour SAB Tours 165 pax
2010Fatigue Conference350 pax
2009Baseball World Championship 100 pax
2009Ferrari Racing Days  300 pax
2009Marketing House 85 pax
2009Janssen-Cilag 80 pax
2008Artefakt 120 pax
2008MERCK Pharma120 pax
2007Vodafone119 pax
2007Ratiopharm66 pax
2006AC Public Relations320 pax
2005Black and Decker100 pax
2005ARDO200 pax
2004CMD Conference1000 pax
2004Euroforge70 pax
2003TBC150 pax
2002Mikenopa /ZyXel150 pax
2001EBU150 pax
2000Colloquium120 pax
1998Colloquium150 pax
1997ICSMA500 pax
1996International Conference on Low Temperatures2500 pax
1995Billiard Expo800 pax
1995Colloquium150 pax
1994International Conference on Animal Genetics700 pax
1993Nuclear Waste500 pax


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