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Round trips

Eat your way through Central Europe

The diverse region of Central Eastern Europe is an undiscovered foodie paradise. Succulent stews, hearty soups, mouth-watering pastries, world class wines and beers accompanied by picturesque sceneries, vibrant culture and three of Europe’s most exciting capital cities. Vienna, Prague and Budapest have long been amongst the most visited cities of the Continent. Their architectural beauty and cultural scene have earned them a great reputation. 


This tour offers an insight into the region’s culinary delights. We eat our way through four countries, taste their most renowned dishes, visit small vineyards and breweries and sample the best the restaurant scene has to offer.

  • Eat your way through Central Europe

Bake-off: Vienna - Budapest - Prague

Central Europe’s café culture has been a source of inspiration for centuries. Vienna’s Café Zentral, Budapest’s Café New York and Prague’s Café Slavia, with their light piano music, freshly brewed coffee and mouth-watering pastries have long served as key meeting places for the local intellectual scene.


During this tour, we explore the great baking tradition of the region by visiting some of the most iconic establishments it has to offer. We learn about the flavours, techniques and traditions of pastry making, and we sample the produce. As we know, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

  • Bake-off: Vienna - Budapest - Prague

The beauty and the bath: Budapest - Prague - Karlovy Vary

The bath towns of Central Europe have entertained and pampered generation after generation of kings and queens, celebrities and commoners who have equally benefited from the healing power of sizzling natural springs hidden beneath millions of years old volcanic rocks. Budapest and Karlovy Vary are two exceptional examples of how natural thermal springs can bring fame and fortune to towns which manage to harness their potential.


During this tour, we visit fabulous spas and bath houses, learn about their history, plunge into their hot pools and sample their treatments. We go for a walk on Budapest’s Margaret island and in the hills of Karlovy Vary. We enjoy healthy food and light entertainment.  On the way from Budapest to Karlovy Vary we stop by in Prague to admire the Czech capital’s timeless beauty and Bohemian spirit.

  • The beauty and the bath